dubbo annual muster

Cornerstone's annual 'Muster' at Dubbo is happening again on 6-7 December 2014! 

The theme this year will be 'The upside down Kingdom in the land down under', with Guest Speaker Billy Williams

More information is on the brochure below.

Cornerstone Muster 2014

Scroll down the page to see information about previous Musters, including plenty of photos! 

You can also listen to the main sessions from the 2012 Muster by Les Follent and Mark Skinner via our podcast site.


what is a 'muster'?

Muster is an annual Cornerstone Community event. Members and friends of Cornerstone travel from far and wide to celebrate the year's Kingdom journey and to renew our vision and passion for our King and saviour, Jesus. It is a time for the movement to recalibrate and prepare for the year ahead. Each Muster has a theme, intended to provide a timely reminder and/or provoking a crisis for the context and times we live in.
Muster is a fully catered, open event. All are welcome. There is no cost to Muster, however, donations to assist with expenses are always welcome. There will be a Muster contributions box at the rear of the hall at the info table if you would like to contribute in this way. Billeted accommodation can be arranged for you upon request via registration.

where does it happen?

Friday Night - Catch Up Cafe at Cornerstone's Burrabadine Campus, Bunglegumbie Rd, Dubbo.

Saturday & Sunday Mornings - Dubbo Christian School, Sheraton Rd, Dubbo.

Afternoons & evenings - Cornerstone's Burrabadine Campus, Bunglegumbie Rd, Dubbo.

what happens there?

The Muster usually begins on Friday evening with Catch-up Cafe. This is an opportunity to hang out, renew friendships and meet new people. The main program begins on Saturday with worship, teaching and lots of stories, as well as times to stand and chat over a cuppa. The afternoon usually happens out at our Burrabadine community ... the program often includes workshops, baptisms, BBQs, dancing and impromptu concerts!
Sunday morning is another rich time of worship, teaching and communion. The "Mike Boone Memorial Offering" is taken up to support of ministries of our graduates in developing countries. Affirmations of discipleship are given, and our mission teams and members are commissioned for the next year. Vows are taken committing ourselves to faithful service to King Jesus in the context of Cornerstone Communities for the coming year. We also affirm and pray for those who are leaving Cornerstone.
Come and join us for the 2013 Muster!

how do you register for muster?

Registration is important ... knowing who's coming really helps us organise things well with accommodation and catering. You can register online, over the phone or via email ... we'll put up the details here closer to the time.

want to help with our next muster?

We can have over 300 people show up for a Muster, so there's always plenty to do to make things happen well for a great weekend together.
If you would like to help with an aspect of Muster organisation for 2013, contact Russell Hodge via or phone 0412 573788.

Ways to help may include:

Creche (must be an approved person)
Kids Program (must be an approved person)
Teenagers Program (must be an approved person)
Catering assistance
Offering Transport
Assisting at meal times
Set-up and clean-up
Financial assistance
Sound and lights
Data Projection
Being a Muster Rep in your Community or Church


Below are previous 'posts' with information and images from our past Musters ...


Muster 2013 ... so I send you!

Here it is folks! A young family and a bunch of students in suburban Australia think through what Jesus meant when he said, "As the Father sent me, so I send you."
Made by Cornerstone Community in Newcastle, as the second 'session' at our recent Muster 2013 in Dubbo. Feel free to share with friends or use for discussion!


Muster 2012 ... stories & photos!

We asked Rosita Vincent (from Bendigo) to write a brief 'update' about our recent Muster, and we've added an album of photos from the weekend ...

For the past 35 years or so, the members of Cornerstone Community and many friends and 'alumni' have mustered together for a weekend of good teaching and to share stories of what God has been doing amongst us.  We celebrate the men and women who have completed their two years training with us and are moving back to their home towns or into university and mission.  We also commission the new teams heading out to practice living out their faith, getting involved in youth work and community development in regional Australia.

Being a part of a Committed Company in Bendigo I really appreciate having a space made in the year where we can connect with the learning and missional communities spread around the country.  It was such a rich and inspiring time. Our 'national' community and leadership school hosted over 300 of us in Dubbo.  Such a great bunch of people to hang out with!

Our kids had a fantastic time catching up with the rest of the tribe.  The Walker family and friends ran an amazing kids program which included a 3 hour river float down the flooded Macquarie River for the teenagers!

The two teaching sessions this year focused on the life and teachings of Dietrech Bonhoffer and the need to count the cost of being a follower of Jesus Christ.  Mark Skinner highlighted that not following Christ has a cost too!  Such excellent, challenging and encouraging input, thanks Les and Mark!  It is so clear that to be an effective missional community each person needs to take their formation as a disciple of the Lord Jesus very seriously.

There was lots of free time to hang out together, a Catch up Cafe Friday night, a feast of spit-roasted absolutely delicious lamb, great singing together and then breaking bread.  Some of the young people, including our own 17 year old son, took the significant step of baptism.  Jesus made His presence felt amongst us.  To hear that beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic crowd of young (and not so young) people belt out the old Celtic hymn "Be Thou my Vision" at the end of the Muster filled my heart with joy and courage.

I hope you feel welcome to join us next year!


Muster, 1-2 December 2012 ... the cost of discipleship


muster 2011 ... "the best yet!"

Living Love

Last weekend the annual Cornerstone Community Muster kicked off with a Team Leader's Dinner and the traditional "Catch-up Cafe" held out at Burrabadine on Friday night. The light and colour of this first evening set the tone for the weekend ... "a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere". 

Saturday morning began with prayer and singing, leading into the first talk by James Webb ... 'Living in the Love of God'.  James spoke of this "living in" as shaped by obedience to the Father, an obedience in line with our true, remade selves - not the selves which would continue in their old mess of selfishness and pride.

Next came a time of reporting on mission, where stories from the year were shared by members of Cornerstone's missional teams and companies (long-term communities).  The day was then topped off with a series of baptisms in the Macquarie river, an afternoon of work-shopping various topics ranging from Committed Companies to Growing Young Men, and finally a meal and a night of beautiful and entertaining performances - musical and otherwise!

Sunday brought part two of the talks, from Paul Roe on 'Living Out the Love of God' - a life lived in response to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The day continued in celebration of God and his work in and through the community, with discipleship affirmations, communion, and a time of commissioning, pointing the way forward for another year.

"All in all, the weekend was a great time of reconnecting with the wider community of Cornerstone, enjoying friends, and tuning into God afresh".

We've had some requests about photos of the baptisms, so we've included them below.

By the way, if you can't see the photos above, try going directly to the muster 2011 album and the baptisms 2011 album.


Muster, 3-4 December 2011 ... "Living Love"

On the first weekend of each December, Cornerstone Community comes together for our main annual 'Muster' in Dubbo, NSW.
The Muster is a great time of celebration, encouragement, teaching and commissioning. It provides a great opportunity to get the 'big picture' of what this network of missional communities is about, and what we are doing in regional Australia and elsewhere.


For more information please contact:

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