2017 Bendigo Regional Muster

You are the Salt of the Earth

Come and join us June 24-25 2017

The Southern Muster for 2017 will be held in Bendigo at the Old Church on the Hill - 36 Russell St, Quarry Hill.

Program Starts at 9:30 on Saturday morning with singing, teaching and hearing stories from around the traps.

Lunch and Dinner on Saturday provided at The Old Church on the Hill, with a student graduation happening on Saturday evening followed by supper. 

Program kicks off again at 9:30 on Sunday Morning with some more singing, teaching and stories. Regional Muster then finishes with lunch or...

Feel free to then stick around for The Old Church on the Hill Junior Drama Club's porduction of Peter Pan starting at 3pm on Sunday. For more information on this see attached poster below.

While Regional Muster is a free event we ask that you consider making a donation toward the cost of food for the weekend. A donations tin will be available over the weekend to make a cash donation or if you would prefer, click here to head over to our donations page to make a donation using a credit card.

Please let us know if you are coming by filling out the form below. We ask that you organise your own accomodation, however if you get stuck and can't fin a place to stay please click here to contact us