Businesses & Work

Community enterprises

Our larger communities usually operate one or two businesses in their local area. These businesses allow our communities to be self-supporting, and the workplace also provides an important setting for integrating Christian faith with the realities and responsibilities of life. Each business is managed by experienced staff, and most community members will work in such businesses at least part-time while in Cornerstone.

Our businesses pay the community for the labor provided, and employ quite a number of other locals as well. As part of the town and business community, we also support local causes and provide business training for those with relevant aptitude and aspirations.

Involvement in other workplaces

Many Cornerstone members are also employed in other workplaces (either privately or through our Contractors business). This provides great opportunities to connect with others and contribute more broadly in our local towns and communities, and to express something of the biblical vision for life in the workaday world.