Missional Communities

Our communities are shaped by the callings Jesus placed on all those who follow him. In our life together, we seek to demonstrate an authentic and contemporary way of following Jesus that is both attractive to those outside the church and challenging to those within.

Some of our communities operate training campuses that deliver our courses. These campus communities foster various ministries in their towns and regions, and have sent many interns out to form 'mission teams' as part of the second year of our training.

We also have several longer-term missional communities with families who have been with Cornerstone for the long haul. These experienced Cornerstone members form 'committed companies', commissioned to express the life and message of the Kingdom of God in their town and region. They do this, not through aggressive evangelistic campaigns, but rather by 'incarnation' ... planting themselves in a neighbourhood (be it an urban setting or a country town), becoming part of that community and seeking to join in with what God is already doing there. The shape of life for these committed companies will be as varied as the contexts in which they find themselves, but will revolve around common themes of self-supporting communities sharing life and resources, and engaging meaningfully with others in their wider communities.

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