Leadership Development

Would you like an adventure in leadership with God that will test and transform you? One where you have a real part to play in bringing the presence of Christ to unchurched Australians, and the opportunity to leave a legacy of disciples who have gone on to disciple others? You may not consider yourself a candidate for formal leadership, but then neither did at least some of Jesus’ disciples, and they went on to change the world. Leadership is influence, and there is no doubt that God wants us to have a profound influence on others for his Kingdom. If these things are close to your heart, then a three year internship as a leader in Cornerstone might be for you.

Jesus’ approach:

When Jesus called Peter and Andrew to “come and follow”, he promised to teach them “to fish for people”. He didn’t just prepare them for mission. He actively engaged them in it. After modelling it himself, Jesus sent the Twelve, and then a group of seventy two, out in mission. “They learned to fish not only by watching the great fisherman at his work but also by fishing themselves.” This all led up to their final great task: to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them ... and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Jesus hadn’t invited his disciples to a course, but to join him in an adventure, in a great cause. He wanted them to change the world. And he still does ...

what interns do:

Since the mission of Christ’s Body is to continue what Christ began, Cornerstone’s leadership development aims to be in tune with His – not only in terms of its content, but also in its method. There are three main components to Cornerstone’s internships:

1. Being entrusted with real and meaningful leadership roles in the life of a community,alongside experienced missional leaders:

This may be in a discipling community or a missional community. Ambitious interns might even choose to form their own missional community close to an existing Cornerstone committed company. Such communities are communities of witness – signs of Jesus’ present reign and foretastes of his coming reign. Jesus didn’t call us to a course but to a cause. Involvement in the real mission and leadership of dynamic communities of witness, enables interns to go beyond theory and to use their gifts, experiences and training to form a vocation from God, that they can shape their lives around. Fully participating in the life and ministry of a missional community is the best way to become a fruitful missional leader. After all, God doesn’t just want us to accumulate qualifications and to forge careers, but to be part of a movement of His Spirit under Jesus Christ.

2. Mentoring in mission by experienced, mature leaders, learning alongside them as they themselves learn:

ALAN HIRSCH, AUTHOR, DREAMER, ACTIVIST: “Cornerstone has been walking the Way of Jesus for years and as a result they have learned what it means to follow. Their discipleship experiences are standout.”

Mentors will do all they can to encourage each intern in their growth and fruitfulness – not only in the real and significant roles they’re given, but also in their spiritual life and mission. Jesus’ way of teaching was highly relational, and interns will have the opportunity to share deeply in the lives of their mentors. Such a relational dynamic can have a profound influence on what counts most – character, attitudes, ambitions, priorities and skills. Some of our most important qualities are caught more than they are taught. As interns are being mentored they will, in turn, be mentoring others. Whatever we are given, we are expected to pass on. Jesus invested in the Twelve so they could, in turn, invest in others.

3. Study intensives:

MARK SAYERS, PASTOR & AUTHOR: “... we need models of discipleship, of incarnational living, which enflesh the Gospel ... The people of Cornerstone Community do not just talk of the need for such a discipling community but are actually living it.”

Practitioners with a wealth of experience in mission and ministry will deliver study intensives – for a week per semester over three years. Topics include:

• Jesus of Nazareth – an in depth study of Jesus the Servant Leader

• Christian Spirituality – the spiritual life & character of a leader

• Strategic Christian Mission – the strategy of a missional leader

• Pastoral Care & Spiritual Direction – the discipling leader

• Engage Biblically with Cultures & Worldviews – the wise leader

• Immersion in a ministry of interns choice somewhere else in the world, alongside an experienced Cornerstone member

• Training and Assessment qualifications for those who want to be teachers.

how interns develop:

Joining in the movement of the Kingdom of God, depending on the power of the Spirit of God, enables us to exert some of the influence of God ... As interns centre their lives on Jesus, they will become servant leaders; as they learn to love others deeply, from the heart, they will become relational leaders; as they develop good conflict resolution skills, they will become peace-making leaders; as they come to grasp both a Biblical worldview and competing worldviews more fully, they will become truly wise leaders; and as they learn to communicate faith creatively and to disciple well, they will bear fruit that will last and multiply.

Whether interns choose to remain long term as members of Cornerstone, or become involved in expanding and enriching the Kingdom of God in another way, they will have had the opportunity to develop into women and men of real influence, and in that sense, leaders in His Kingdom.


The internship will reach completion after three years – when the intern has finished their studies and demonstrated the ability to be trusted with the responsibilities given.


Once the intern has completed their training, they will leave Cornerstone for two months in order to allow space for them and Cornerstone’s leaders to seek God’s direction about the next step, which may or may not be with Cornerstone.


Application forms can be found at www.cornerstone.edu.au/application-forms/

References / referees and interview will be particularly important

Preferred prerequisites:

• completed first and second year with Cornerstone or equivalent experience

• spiritual maturity


Contact: Martin Watson: martin@cornerstone.edu.au

Our leadership development program is not an accredited training program.