Vocational Pathways

The outcome of the Cornerstone courses is to provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills, generic and specific competencies to enable them to serve effectively in churches, parishes, para-church organisations, missionary organisations and schools. Graduates from our courses may find employment as pastors, church workers, ministry leaders, youth workers, chaplains, religious education instructors, missionary workers, church-planters and mission support workers depending on the requirements of the organisation.

Successful completion of Cornerstone's training courses opens up a range of vocational and educational pathways:

  • • Many students have continued their involvement in Cornerstone’s missional communities, teams and campuses, completing Cornerstone’s 3 year leadership internship and developing fruitful ministries in their towns;
  • • Others have moved on to take on leadership roles in other mission and ministry organisations both in Australia and overseas.
  • • Many have returned to university courses, professions and trades, equipped to live missionally on campus, in workplaces and neighbourhoods, and to contribute to their local Christian communities and ministries.

“Cornerstone has equipped me to live a missional life in a secular world. Studying at University, there seems to be a general consensus that Christianity is outdated and uncool. When I engage in a real conversation, and bring up what I learnt in my Cornerstone studies, I see walls come down. This intelligent, thought-through, evidenced based faith is totally new to so many people and I think it offers a fresh picture of God, clear from old, tired pigeonholes.” - Emily Moreton - past student

“The Cornerstone experience has given me a framework from which I can base all of life. From uni life, to work life, to married life and family life- I have gained life tools and a well-formed worldview to confidently approach what life brings forth.” - Lerissa Schwartz - past student