What People Say About Cornerstone

"We went out there to the Cornerstone community because we were challenged to 'seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness' It helped us to see that our faith was not just about propositions of truth, but the living reality of it every. 'Let your natural life be spiritual, and your spiritual life be natural' - I was really attracted to that; it was a life-wide vision of the Christian life, that there really isn’t anything that’s not ‘spiritual’. The benefits still reverberate in our lives. To be in Christ is a wonder above all. To learn to give all we are to Him who is our life, in service, devotion and humility - that's a life-long road. But I think we discovered that road in a special way the day we drove through the gates of Cornerstone Pera Bore."
Colin Buchanan - media personality, song-writer, entertainer NSW
"Cornerstone provided a wonderful set of 'growing up' experiences. The course pushed me to grow up in my faith - and prepared me well to weigh up and challenge all the ideas I would face at university. Living in a diverse community really broadened my view of the world and deeply enriched my understanding of what it means to live as God's people. My 'team year' was full of opportunities to get creative about connecting with people and representing Jesus to them meaningfully. The blend of work, study, community and mission provides a wonderfully stimulating, stretching and realistic training experience, with a richness of life and truth that I have continuously tried to emulate in my lifestyle in the time since I left Cornerstone."
Mary Bowen - school teacher NSW
"Cornerstone has been hard work, challenging, a growing time, and a time to learn patience and make friendships, but overall, the best thing I’ve ever done for my faith!"
Rebecca Brooks - young mum NSW
"I came from Norway as a 19 year old, not knowing much about the bible-school except that it was in Austraila, way out in the country and that it was hard work. That year in Canowindra and the following 6 months on a mission team in Young, are probably the months that have affected me most so far in my life. What I appreciate most, many years down the track, is that I had the privilege of taking a "sabbath-year" to really think through how I live my life as a Christian. I found that the teaching there was very down to earth, and I still use what I learnt there in my everyday life.
The teaching from Bible, the guidance of how to have a good relationship with the Lord, the knowledge and experience of life and relationships in a small community, application in the workplace ... these are all lessons that are still important in my life."
Elin Noremark - social worker, Bergen NORWAY
"Jim and I both feel very thankful to the Lord and to our teachers/mentors at Cornerstone. Aspects that are unique to Cornerstone, such as living in community, work and discipleship have given us a grounding and experience that God has been using in a Discipleship Training Centre in North Thailand. We were told culturally we will never be able to have one-on-one mentor meetings and be able to reach deep into the hearts of Asia's mountain tribal people, but this is exactly what God has been doing. "All of life discipleship" - is making a dramatic difference among these people. We are grateful for our experiences studying at Cornerstone and how God is using us now."
Jim & Linda McIntosh - Discipleship Training Centre staff, Thailand
"The thing that Cornerstone does better than anyone else is community, and that's the 'place' where we learn the most about ourselves and our responses to God. My experience and training with Cornerstone will continue to show it's effects for decades to come and in so many ways that I would never have thought possible."
James Ricketts - team coordinator, Anglican Youthworks, Port Hacking NSW
"My Cornerstone experience was instrumental in my early faith development. It challenged traditional ways of being a Christian while at the same time building a deep ongoing love for the life of the local church. Those foundations have been my greatest asset in serving as a Pastor in the Churches of Christ for the past ten years. I believe the investment made by Cornerstone in the lives of its students is repaid to local churches Australia wide many times over."
Chris Gribble - managing director, Fortress Learning QLD
"I value the variety of skills & backgrounds of people within the movement ... in a training session there may be a school dropout, a small business operator, a tradesman, uni students and doctors - all coming to be a part of mission and discipleship."
Matt McLean - training campus staff, Swan Hill VIC
"Cornerstone helped me take a good look at all the ideas and assumptions I'd picked up along the way from church and culture and home, and helped me sort through what actually fits in with reality and what I could let go. It was a very freeing, adventurous process."
Jodi Godfrey - training campus staff, Canowindra NSW
"Cornerstone offers the most carefully-constructed, Biblical and up-to-date training courses for the Lord’s disciples to be found anywhere in Australia. You will train on the job, with teams of like-minded and big-hearted students and lecturers. Cornerstone’s great range of training options arises from long experience and a deep commitment to quality and community relevance. You’ll not only love it; you’ll be transformed by it."
Dr Stuart Piggin - Director of the Centre for for the History of Christian Thought & Experience, Macquarie University
"Cornerstone have been walking the Way of Jesus for years and as a result they have learned what it means to follow. Their discipleship experiences are standout. I recommend them to you."
Alan Hirsch - author
"All around us is a culture which forms us with its stories, its values and its dreams. Therefore we need models of discipleship, of incarnational living, which enflesh the gospel, which tell of a different set of values, of a Kingdom dream and a redemptive Story.
The people of Cornerstone Community do not just talk of the need for such a discipling community but are actually living it."
Mark Sayers - pastor & author
"Cornerstone educates rather than indoctrinates, encourages rather than enforces and leads by example rather than from behind. I am encouraged by their concept of enabling student teams to positively affect the community in which they live. At this point of Australia's history it is refreshing to know of a group which harnesses and cares for the idealism of youth so that the individual, the community and our nation at large are better for it."
John Kidson - Anglican Youth Department, Sydney NSW
"I am most impressed with the results of this course ... Cornerstone is committed to developing people's character, knowledge and skills in Christian and secular work, and I have seen few colleges that do it as well as they do. The staff I have met are well-trained and very committed.
Harvey Bishop - Youth Ministries, Mitcham VIC
"I have witnessed the people involved in the Cornerstone organisation in my community over the years ... and have the greatest pleasure in attesting to the very fine character and nature of all the people who spent time here. From the time they arrived they set about becoming a part of the community and demonstrating that young people can be very Christian in their everyday lives ... Their wonderful personalities coupled with their Christian training and ways led to a huge respect and affection from the population as their conduct was so excellent.
People who had no religious background themselves were impressed that these young people were 'ordinary' and could do all of the things that others can whilst still exhibiting that Christian outlook ... I can honestly say that I have never met a group of more likeable people or people who have commanded such high esteem in a relatively short space of time. I would thoroughly recommend this organisation and its members to any community as they are a wonderful asset and will become valued community members."
M.A. Beckwith OAM - Mayor of Hay Shire Council, NSW
"I am delighted to be associated with Cornerstone and regard their leaders and people as among the finest examples of the Christian faith I know. I also like their philosophy of not just being a great Christian witness in the broader community, but also being part of that broader community in very practical terms. That is through their businesses, their personal associations and friendships, their church affiliations and general dealings, they touch many people in the community and to the community's benefit."
Bob Holland - Business Leader and Consultant, Dubbo NSW