What We Offer

The experience of those who spend time in a Cornerstone community is shaped by these emphases:

Two thousand years ago, Jesus chose the stuff of everyday life through which to prepare his men to continue his work. He ate with them, fished with them, served the local community, attended synagogue, and prayed with them. He used the circumstances of each day to demonstrate the intimate involvement of the Father in our world, and to challenge any misunderstandings.

Cornerstone Community provides a whole of life discipleship experience that can be broken down into five main categories. Our study, work, mentoring, and mission, all in the context of an experienced community, trains today’s followers of Jesus to effectively and wholeheartedly carry out his mission in whatever circumstances follow.

It is impossible to separate the call to discipleship, the call to community and the call to mission. Without a strong commitment to discipleship, there can be no authentic Christian community; and without the existence of such a community, there can be no effective mission."

David Watson
Anglican minister & evangelist
Global leader in mission & reconciliation